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Insta-Clamp Step-up NBR Gasket

Unique Step-up

NBR Waffle Gasket Design








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These things work well. We have had one of these on a customer's line for over nine years before they finally decided to fix the line along with some other repairs.



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Introducing The Revolutionary ...

Insta-Clamp TM and Insta-Clamp Plus TM

Copper Solder Joint Leak Repair Clamps


Stops All Solder Joint Leaks Dead and can fix pin-hole leaks too!


Some of our Resellers Include:

Mark's Plumbing Parts, Best Plumbing Specialties, PlumbMaster, Equiparts, TMS South, Pickrel Bros & Hajoca.


Some of Satisfied Customers Include:

Alcoa, Roto-Rooter, Mr. Rooter, Holiday Inns, Ramada Inns, Marriott Hotels, Super 8 Motels, Double Tree Hotels,

Davis Mechanical, San Ramon Hospital, McGuire AFB, University of Buffalo, Macombe County, & No. Dakota State


  • Quick Solution for emergency leak repairs

  • 304 Stainless Steel construction for permanent repairs

  • Step Waffle NBR Gasket Design

  • Temperature Range of -400 to 2120 F

  • Safe for drinking water

  • Available in Sizes 1/2" to 4"

  • Manufactured according to ASTM standards

  • 1/2"-2.5" Std Model Rated at 150 psi

  • 3.00" to 4.00" Plus Model Rated at 175 psi




NOW AVAILABLE for 3.00" & 4.00"


E-Z INSTALL - Two Piece Design

Unique NBR Step Waffle Gasket

Insta-Clamp Solder Joint Repair Clamp

1/2" to 2-1/2" Design

Insta-Clamp Plus Solder Joint Repair Clamp

New Insta-Clamp Plus Series for 3.00"

and 4.00 Copper Solder Joint Repair


(US Distributors)

(& Canada Dealer)

Insta-Clamp Solder Joint Repair Clamp

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Distributor in

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The Revolutionary Insta-ClampTM and Insta-Clamp PlusTM repair copper pipe leaks on the solder joint.


It is unique because the 60/40 ratio step-up NBR waffle gasket design allows the clamp to stop leaks on the joint itself.


Pipe Size CTS O.D. Part No. Bolt List Price


.625 416-03-063 3/8"-16 x 3" $29.50
3/4" .875 416-03-088 Carriage Bolt  $31.50
1” 1.125 416-03-113   $32.50
1-1/4” 1.375 416-03-138   $33.50
1-1/2” 1.625 416-03-163   $35.50


2.125 416-03-213 7/16"-14 x 4" $40.00
2-1/2” 2.625 416-03-263 Carriage Bolt  $45.00
3” 3.125 416-03-313 Plus New Lug Design


4" 4.125 416-03-413 Plus New Lug Design $65.00


Resellers call for details on how to become an Insta-Clamp TM distributor!


The Revolutionary Insta-ClampTM repairs copper pipe leaks on the solder joint. It is unique because the 60/40 ratio step-up NBR waffle gasket design allows the clamp to stop leaks on the joint itself. 2 piece construction for fitting those tight spots!


Insta-ClampTM  can repair M, L and K copper solder joint pipe leaks on tee's, 90's, 45's, reducers, valve ends, threaded adaptors and on straight pipe.


Insta-ClampTM  is the only copper repair clamp on the market that will stop all leaks on both fitting and tube side on copper solder joints.


Why It Works! Because the Insta-ClampTM is made to specifically fit the copper tube O.D. on one end and the solder joint fitting O.D. on the other end. The unique stepped rubber creates an almost full seal around both surfaces.


Designed to be only 3" wide with the step offset in the rubber seal so approximately 60 percent seals on the copper tube and 40 percent on the solder joint connection. The 60 to 40 percent ratio in rubber width allows the repair clamp to fit into tight areas.


EZ Install: Installs in 3-5 minutes!


Nothing compares to the Insta-ClampTM for 100 percent positive stop of leaks in copper tube and sweat fittings.

Insta-ClampTM Installation Sheet 



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Who can benefit from the Insta-ClampTM?


Commercial Plumbers

Building Maintenance Departments


Hotels / Motels

Schools and Colleges

Manufacturing Plants

Home Owners and more...


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