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Insta-Clamp™ Solder Joint Leak Repair Clamp

The Insta-Clamp™ and the Insta-Clamp Plus™ Copper Solder Joint Leak Repair Clamps Stops All Solder Joint Leaks Dead and can fix pin-hole leaks too! Works on 45's, 90's Tees, and Couplings

Insta-Clamp™ 1/2" to 2-1/2" dia. x 3.0" Width Rated to 150 PSI
Insta-Clamp™ 3.0” and 4.0 dia. x 3.0” Width Rated to 175 PSI
Insta-Clamp™ 5.0" and 6.0" dia. x 6.0" Width Rated to 150 PSI
Insta-Clamp™ Plumber's Kit’s available. Include: 24" OD Tape, 8" Racheting Wrench and 12" Tool Bag

Insta-Clamp™ , Insta-Clamp™ Plus and Insta-Clamp™ Extended Range S/S Solder Joint Repair Clamps are available in 1/2" to 6.00" for Copper Tube.

Insta-Clamp™ Plumber's Kit and Insta-Clamp™ Plus Plumber's Kits


#416-03-063    1/2"      $40.45

#416-03-088    3/4"      $42.70

#416-03-113    1.00"     $43.35

#416-03-138    1-1/4"   $44.05

#416-03-163    1-1/2"   $47.60

#416-03-213    2.00"     $53.40

#416-03-263    2-1/2"   $60.00

#416-03-313P    3.00"     $94.20

#416-03-413P    4.00"     $98.90

#416-03-513ER   5.00"    $151.35

#416-03-613ER   6.00"    $157.80

Insta-Clamp™ Kit 1/2" to 2.00"           $282.00

Insta-Clamp™ Kit Plus 1/2" to 4.00"    $489.00


• Quick Solution for emergency leak repairs

• 304 Stainless Steel construction for permanent repairs

• Step Waffle NBR Gasket Design

• Temperature Range of -40 to 212 Deg F

• Safe for drinking water

• Available in Sizes 1/2" to 6.00"

• Manufactured according to ASTM standards

• 1/2"-2.5" Std Model Rated at 150 PSI

• 3.00" to 4.00" Plus Model Rated at 175 PSI

The History of the Insta-Clamp™

We started the business with our revolutionary Insta-Clamp™ Solder Joint Repair Clamp that has changed the way commercial plumbers and mechanical engineers do business with hospitals, hotels, large building facilities and manufacturing plants. It helped them eliminate shut-downs or to schedule repairs when it was best for the facility.

How to Install the Insta-Clamp™

The Insta-Clamp™ is designed to stop leaks at the solder joints on pipes. You loosen the bolt and separate the two parts of the clamp. Snap the top half of the clamp with rubber directly over the leak ensuring the thin part of the gasket is over the fitting and the thick part is over the pipe. With arrows facing the solder joint, slide over until flush with coupling. Spread open bottom section of the clamp with the nut facing out and slide on the bottom half of the clamp over the top rubber section with arrows visible in the opening of the bottom section. Tighten bolt to approximately 50 ft-lb of torque. Do not over tighten. On hot water lines, allow the gasket to seat for 20 minutes and then re-torque.

About the Insta-Clamp™

• The Revolutionary Insta-Clamp™ repairs copper pipe leaks on the solder joint. It is unique because the 60/40 ratio step-up NBR waffle gasket design   allows the clamp to stop leaks on the joint itself. 2 piece construction for fitting those tight spots!

• The Insta-Clamp™ can repair M, L & K copper solder joint pipe leaks on tee's, 90's, 45's, reducers, valve ends, threaded adaptors & on straight pipe.

• The Insta-Clamp™ is the only copper repair clamp on the market that will stop all leaks on both fitting & tube side on copper solder joints.

• Why It Works - Because the Insta-Clamps™ made to specifically fit the copper tube O.D. on one end and the solder joint fitting O.D. on the other   end. The unique stepped rubber creates an almost full seal around both surfaces.

• Designed to be only 3.00" wide with the step offset in the rubber seal so approximately 60 percent seals on the copper tube and 40 percent on the   solder joint connection. The 60 to 40 percent ratio in rubber width allows the repair clamp to fit into tight areas.

• Easy Install: Installs in 3-5 minutes! Nothing compares to the Insta-Clamp™ for 100 percent positive stop of leaks in copper tube and sweat fittings.

Some of our valued Insta-Clamp™ customers include:

Insta-Clamp benefits commercial plumbers, building maintenance departments, hospitals, hotels and large facilities

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